Friday, January 25, 2008

Long overdue update

Hi folks!

Sorry it's been so long since I've updated, but there have been a lot of milestones in the last week that have required my attention.

Last Saturday, at three weeks and one day old, the puppies tasted their first solid food.

They are getting really big...

...but they still love to cuddle. My foster mom swears, she didn't put them there!

We've all had a bunch of visitors in the last few weeks, and the puppies don't seem to have a fear of strangers, which is great because they don't come any stranger than this one.

They also met some kids for the first time, and although they weren't exactly gentle they sure had a good time!

So, to recap, here is what has happened since the last update:
- first solid food. Puppies are now eating two solid meals a day.
- first intestinal reactions to solid food. Puppies are now requiring regular cleanup!
- first manicures and pedicures. All nine (including me!) behaved beautifully when getting their claws cut.
- first potential adopters. Although the foster home isn't yet open to the public and we aren't technically up for adoption yet, some friends of our foster family have put dibs in on some of the puppies. So if you have a favourite, get your name in soon!

That's all for now. More to come, and I'll try to post more frequently.

P.S. Don't forget, in about 3-4 weeks we will be available for adoption from the P.E.I. Humane Society!


Lowa said...

Thanks so much for the update, Holly! I didn't mean to pressure you, I know you are busy but I do love to hear how the little guys are doing.

They are SO BIG! Lots of milestones for sure!

Thansks for sharing:)

Gail Hodder said...

Hello Holly,
I heard about you through a friend. You're puppies are very sweet. I was wondering if you have found a home yet? And also, how big are you? We are looking for an older dog who fit's your description and is good with kids. I'd love to hear you if you get the chance.