Tuesday, January 8, 2008


We have open eyes!!!!!

Jude's teeny tiny eyes popped open today while we were cuddling. That means the others aren't far behind! Jude is the biggest by quite a bit and is one of the most mobile (after Ellie, who is determined to be across the pen as often as possible), so no one is surprised that he was the first to have a look at the world around him.

The puppies are now twelve days old. Things are about to get interesting!


Update: Here is that long-awaited video!

My firstborn: Sexy Sadie, making some noise! Check out my belly and how HUGE it still is here. Believe me, I deflated like a balloon once they were all out.

Here is puppy number three, getting cleaned off. My foster family says that this process wasn't nearly as gross as they expected it to be. That's because I tried to be tidy and conscientious!

Speaking of noise, here are the first five babies. My foster family couldn't believe how much they sounded like human babies!

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Lowa said...

Wow, I didn't read the last thing you said until later. I thought maybe Owen was visiting or something and sounded a bit younger than he is! Then more of them started in on the later videos and I was shocked! We used to bredd bassett hounds when I was a kid in good ole' Sask. and they didnt' sound anything like that. That I can recall, anyway. I AM getting old!

They are precious! And they were HUGE when they were first born. GOODNESS WOMAN! You must feel SO MUCH better getting them out of there!