Monday, January 7, 2008

Pup-by-Pup Bios

Hi everyone!

Here, as promised, are the descriptions of the individual pups. Right now, they don't really have personalities, but I'll update when they do!

Maxwell (male) is mostly tan with a white crest on his head and a small white spot at the back of his neck- perhaps he was hit with a silver hammer?

Penny (female) is the darkest in colour, with a dark brown coat and a lighter tan undercoat. She has a large white spot on the back of her neck that stretches across her right shoulder, almost like a lane.

Sadie (female) is fairly dark in colour, with a sexy mohawk of white.

Desmond (male) looks like he should be the singer in a band, with his very cool light tan fur and dark stripe along his spine.

Ellie (female) is almost the opposite of Penny, with a light coat and a dark undercoat. She is very social; never lonely.

JoJo has some psychedelic swirls happening on his tan coat. All over his back, you might say.

Jude (male) is plain tan, and is our resident giant. Nothing needs to get better.

Lucy (female) has a sweet little diamond of white on her head. Other than that, she has fairly dark fur.

Since I am currently typing one-pawed (holding a little puppy), I am going to sign off. Enjoy!

1 comment:

Lowa said...

I wish I could smell their puppy breath! That is my ultimate FAVOURITE SMELL ON EARTH!

*Sigh* I wish you could bottle some and send it to me:(

They are getting SO BIG!