Wednesday, January 2, 2008

About me!

Hi everyone,

Since the puppies are only a few days old they aren't terribly interesting yet. They are growing like weeds, and I do intend to post some new pictures (and hopefully that video, although youtube is giving me some attitude!) tomorrow.

In the meantime, I thought I'd tell people a little about myself. As you know, my name is Holly. All my foster family knows is that I was abandoned by my owners when they moved out of an apartment, and it was the kindly landlord who brought me into the shelter.

I will be up for adoption once my puppies are weaned. Here's a list of good qualities I have that might make me the ideal dog to join your family (I hope it doesn't sound like I am bragging!):

- I will sit and shake a paw on command.

- I don't need to be on a leash when we go outside (although a little of this is because I want to get back to my puppies).

- When my foster family says, "Hurry up and pee, I'm freezing!", I hurry up and pee.

- I get along well with cats (there are two living with me right now).

- I have a remarkable vertical leap (lesson learned, says my foster mom, of leaving the Milkbones on the pool table. But she only had to yell at me once and I never did it again!)

- I will sit quietly by your hand and wait for you to pet me, without being obnoxious about it.

- Other dogs don't seem to bother me.

So have a look at this face:

...and tell me you don't want me to be part of your family!

Keep warm, all you Islanders! I'm off for one last pit stop, then to bed. Wading through all this snow is exhausting!



Kate @ said...

Hi Holly,

My name is Kate and I have a black lab named Keane who is AWESOME and full of amazing energy. But he really needs a friend. I'm looking for a friend for him and i think you're beautiful. I used to have a yellow and also a chocolate lab (they died at the ages of 11, one who fought cancer for many many years and one who had liver problems) They were amazing dogs and the best thing for one dog was the other! Keane, my dog now, is turning a year old on the 17th of January. How old are you? Do you like other dogs or prefer a home where you are the only one?

from Kate and Keane :)

Lowa said...


I would totally LOVE for you to come and live here with us. I would even have one of your precius babies as well. The only trouble is that all of us are terribly allergic and are very limited in the breed of dog we can have:( It makes me VERY sad.

I hope that you find a wonderful and loving home when the time comes. You sound like an amazing dog and anyone would be blessed to have you in their family.

Thanks for sharing your puppies with us!