Saturday, January 12, 2008

Puppy faces

Good morning!
Now that everyone's eyes seem to be open, I thought it was about time to post some pictures of puppy faces. Some of the shots are a little blurry; these puppies are getting pretty mobile! I don't have shots of them all because some (mostly the boys!) absolutely refused to keep still. But we'll get them eventually!

Here's big ol' Jude:

And sweet l'il Lucy:

Pretty Penny (who seems to be a crowd favourite):

And of course, adorable Ellie:

The pups are getting very mobile and are starting to wrestle and play with each other. Everyone seems happy and content and they are all growing lots. As my foster mom says, my job is almost over but hers is just starting. Pretty soon she'll be chasing after them, cleaning up messes and starting them on kibble. Personally, I'm looking forward to a break.

More to come! Keep checking back!


Lowa said...

They are absolutely ADORABLE! The third one reminds me of a husky. I wonder if their Daddy is part husky or something??

Man, I wish so bad that I could take one!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Iowa,

You may be right! Those huskies have a way of getting around. Their reputation for wandering precedes them!

Anonymous said...

I also think Dad was a husky, based on the fur colour and texture.


eclectic said...

I can almost smell the puppy breath! Awwwww... they'll be gone before you know it. Holly's sure a pretty girl!

Anonymous said...

Holly is beautiful. The look in her eyes has changed so much since she began her blog. She looks comfortable, not desperate, secure, not wondering where her next meal or loving pat is coming from. How will you give her up? Did you ever notice in her pictures how her nose and the black fur around it combine to make a heart shape? Awwww!