Thursday, January 3, 2008

Today's Photos

Your daily quota of cuteness is about to be fulfilled:

Look how big the babies are getting! No camera tricks, same hand as a few days ago.

They used to only fill half of Lily the cat's bed. Now look:

Here are our boys, JoJo, Desmond, Jude, and Maxwell:

And our girls, Sadie, Lucy, Ellie, and Penny:

We sometimes get visits from Lily, one of the previous foster pets who stuck around:

But that's okay, we all get along!

Stay tuned! Tomorrow, I'll post individual pics and descriptions of the puppies. They have some distinctive markings that makes it easy for me (and my foster mom) to tell them apart.

1 comment:

Lowa said...

Love the shots of cuddling with Lily!

Can't wait to hear/see more!

Enjoy this time before the puppies eyes open and they get so big they are shoving you around and getting really rough when they are hungry:)