Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What the Ling house looks like right now!

Hi everyone,

The puppies are up, moving, and making lots of noise!

They are VERY cute. Here's proof, in case you don't believe me.

Jude, and Jude's rolls.

Penny's sweet face. I know it seems that I am biased and post a lot of pictures of her, but she's the only one who always looks!

JoJo was a little model today, posing for the camera.

A perfect pose from Sadie.

Where's Waldo? I guarantee that all eight puppies are in this pile.

Remember, each of these puppies- four males and four females- will be available for adoption from the P.E.I. Humane Society in about a month or so. Click the link for more info on the shelter, including adoption rates.

Have a nice night!


Lowa said...

Oh I am so glad I checked for an update!

They are truly darling! I am serious, can you bottle me some puppy breath and send it over??

Oh man, I LOVE me some good ole puppy breath! When we got our puppy last December I smashed his face up to my nose constantly to get as many whiffs as I could. I hate it when nasty dog breath replaces it:)

Keep these updates coming please! I love them! I guess Grandpa Nils has not even met these darlings?? Didn't he leave for Manitoba right before the blessed event??

Anonymous said...

They not only look like they've got husky lineage, the SOUND like it, too! Woooo!

Opera Gal said...

Jude is HUGE! and they are all just so damn cute

Lowa said...

Hey, is everything OK?? I am going through puppy withdrawal here!

Hope all is well:)