Thursday, February 7, 2008

Penny - but you're too late anyway!


Penny is the reason my foster family thinks Dad might have been a husky. She is a little tiger, always bowling over her brothers and sisters, ready for a fight. At the same time, though, she is very loving and affectionate towards people. Make a kissy noise, and she's the first one in your lap.

That's all I am going to say about her, though, because she is already adopted.

Update: Penny was one of the dirtier ones, but she looks great now!


Heather said...

Yes, Allison, she is taken and we are very happy to add her to our family. Can hardly wait to get her home with us so she can see her much bigger brother, Flutie. Kate and I were out to see her yesterday, and she is a little monkey for sure. Took lots of pics and a couple of videos for her family album.

Lowa said...

Thanks for the update Holly!

I sure wish I could take you AND a few of those puppies, but alas...I live pretty far away and my kids are allergic:( There are only a few breeds that we can have and they are all the small yappy kind:)

I wish you the best and enjoy your updates!