Saturday, February 16, 2008

More adoptions!

Want Holly? Tough luck, I'm adopted!!!!

Want Desmond? TOO LATE! Adopted!

How abotu JoJo? Not a chance! ADOPTED!

Lucy, Jude, and Sadie are still available as I type, but who knows what will happen in the next half hour? Two more families are coming today.

If you want to come see the last three remaining potential adoptables, leave a comment with your contact info on this post and someone will contact you tomorrow (Sunday).




The Munnsters said...

I really hope my cousin Kyla gets to adopt Jude !!!

She will be a great foster mommy ot him.

Foster Family said...

Jude will be Kyla's on Monday! She just has to get the paperwork done up!

The Munnsters said...

Welcome to the family Jude !!! I wish i was not all the way out in Alberta or i would take your sister Sadie home too !!!