Monday, February 25, 2008

Puppy pick-ups

Guest post by the foster mommy!

There are a number of very happy families on P.E.I. this week!

Penny got picked up on Thursday...

...and so did Maxwell.

Lucy was first to leave on Friday...

...followed by Jude.

Ellie went home on Friday too...

...and Sadie got picked up early Saturday.

Desmond and Holly stuck around until Sunday...

...and JoJo is still here, waiting for his family to come get him on Thursday. He watched the Oscars last night. Well, I watched the Oscars. He slept (trust me, he is sound asleep in this picture).

A few quick thank-yous:

To the Humane Society for all the hard work they do.

To my family for assisting with puppy feeding, clean-ups, and cuddling (especially to Trevor who did it all by himself for FIVE DAYS!).

To the people who welcomed Holly and her pups into their families; they are wonderful little dogs and you are very lucky! So are they!

To anyone who passed along this website or information about the puppies to someone they thought might be interested. It is always helpful!

And to the lovely, thoughtful, kind-hearted jerkfaces who abandoned Holly four days before Christmas, heavily pregnant and all alone: she finally got the amazing home and family she deserves. I hope you get what you deserve.

Best wishes everyone! There will be one more update when JoJo heads home, but other than that, this site will be dormant for a least, until the Ling foster home gets overrun again!



joshua said...

Let me tell you that this is one of the very best blogs I've ever visited!



Mel said...

Awe, such sweet pets. I'm glad that they were picked up. Stumbled onto your site through blogger and just want to say, keep up the good work!

gypsygrrl said...

this is such a great site!!! thank you for sharing your adventures. i hope i can do rescue again once i am done nursing school. it is wonderful to help super dogs like holly to find the awesome homes they deserve. and it is also good to know that karma is going to bite the jackasses who give up dogs like this up in the arse.

thanks for doing what you do and letting those of us who cant right now live vicariously thru you!

The Munnsters said...

I think you guys are an amazing family !!!

What a great way to get these puppies adopted....

I loved reading it !!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Lings are an amazing family for helping Holly and her puppies. I have enjoyed their story as well. I figured they would keep one of the puppies or Holly, but it is nice that they are willing to help more animals in the future. They mentioned having cats - I am sure they were horrified by the puppies.