Sunday, February 17, 2008

From starving to stuffed in 58 seconds...

We kept meaning to take a video of this, so here it finally is:

Wonder how fast they have to spin before they lift off?

Some papers still need to be signed, but it looks like everyone except Sadie is spoken for. It's your last chance to adopt a completely amazing, absolutely adorable, Ling-raised, Holly-born puppy!

Check out the tug-o-war over the toy Penny's family brought her!

Desmond chewing on the toy JoJo's family bought him!

Well, my work is done. I raised excellent puppies, now it's up to their families to do the rest. I'm taking a break and watching some tube.

More to come, maybe....


1 comment:

Lowa said...

YOu did a wonderful job, Holly! You deserve to rest and watch the tube:)

I am glad one of your puppies gets to go with you!

They are HUGE and healthy looking. That eating frenzy video is HYSTERICAL! My kids LOVE IT!

I love the bath time pics too. Good luck to you, I will never forget you. You are an amazing lady:)