Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Desmond and Jude back up for grabs!



Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, Desmond and Jude are back at the Ling home for a few days of foster care. I say "a few days" because that's how long it will take you to call the Humane Society at (902)892-1190 to get your adoption application and information. Hurry!

Here's what I can tell you about Des:
- he poops outside
- he is working REALLY HARD on peeing outside, but puppy bladders are tiny and humans are slow sometimes
- he likes to cuddle
- he especially likes to cuddle while he's sleeping
- he is very well crate trained for overnight sleeping

Here's what I can tell you about both boys:
- they are patiently waiting for their forever friends to come find them
- they'll be in Ling foster care until they do!

So, if Desmond or Jude is your dog but we just haven't realized it yet, call the shelter and set up a time to come meet him!

The boys are both at the shelter today, March 1st, for "doggy day-care!" Go meet them!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Puppy pick-ups

Guest post by the foster mommy!

There are a number of very happy families on P.E.I. this week!

Penny got picked up on Thursday...

...and so did Maxwell.

Lucy was first to leave on Friday...

...followed by Jude.

Ellie went home on Friday too...

...and Sadie got picked up early Saturday.

Desmond and Holly stuck around until Sunday...

...and JoJo is still here, waiting for his family to come get him on Thursday. He watched the Oscars last night. Well, I watched the Oscars. He slept (trust me, he is sound asleep in this picture).

A few quick thank-yous:

To the Humane Society for all the hard work they do.

To my family for assisting with puppy feeding, clean-ups, and cuddling (especially to Trevor who did it all by himself for FIVE DAYS!).

To the people who welcomed Holly and her pups into their families; they are wonderful little dogs and you are very lucky! So are they!

To anyone who passed along this website or information about the puppies to someone they thought might be interested. It is always helpful!

And to the lovely, thoughtful, kind-hearted jerkfaces who abandoned Holly four days before Christmas, heavily pregnant and all alone: she finally got the amazing home and family she deserves. I hope you get what you deserve.

Best wishes everyone! There will be one more update when JoJo heads home, but other than that, this site will be dormant for a least, until the Ling foster home gets overrun again!


Puppy video update

Maxwell and Holly really enjoyed their last few moments together before Maxwell got picked up to go to his new home. Watch out for Holly's take-down and listen for Maxwell whacking his head on the coffee table!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Uh-oh, you're too late!!

Sadie has been adopted! That's everyone!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who spread the word that these pups were available for adoption, and special thanks to the families who are taking them home!

I'll post some pictures of the pups being picked up by their new families. In the meantime, don't forget this blog address, because the Lings are bound to have more foster animals at some point!


Sunday, February 17, 2008

From starving to stuffed in 58 seconds...

We kept meaning to take a video of this, so here it finally is:

Wonder how fast they have to spin before they lift off?

Some papers still need to be signed, but it looks like everyone except Sadie is spoken for. It's your last chance to adopt a completely amazing, absolutely adorable, Ling-raised, Holly-born puppy!

Check out the tug-o-war over the toy Penny's family brought her!

Desmond chewing on the toy JoJo's family bought him!

Well, my work is done. I raised excellent puppies, now it's up to their families to do the rest. I'm taking a break and watching some tube.

More to come, maybe....


Saturday, February 16, 2008

More adoptions!

Want Holly? Tough luck, I'm adopted!!!!

Want Desmond? TOO LATE! Adopted!

How abotu JoJo? Not a chance! ADOPTED!

Lucy, Jude, and Sadie are still available as I type, but who knows what will happen in the next half hour? Two more families are coming today.

If you want to come see the last three remaining potential adoptables, leave a comment with your contact info on this post and someone will contact you tomorrow (Sunday).



Friday, February 15, 2008

Adoptions happening thick and fast!

If you wanted one of my puppies, you better act fast!!!!!!

Penny was first, Maxwell next, and Ellie was adopted today!

There are a number of families coming to visit and see if one of my puppies is their "forever friend," but that doesn't mean we have all been spoken for. Contact the P.E.I. Humane Society at 892-1190 or at .

Contact them NOW or we might be all gone before you get the chance! Updates will keep coming so you know who is still available.

Until next time,

P.S. Don't forget, I am up for adoption too!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bathtime and good news!

Hi everyone!

So, we had a fun week what with having baths and getting visitors. And great news: Penny is adopted, and now SO IS MAXWELL! Max's new family are really excited to have him, and I think they'll be great parents. I'll miss my big boy, but hey, my foster family can't keep all nine of us! We have some more people coming to look at the pups, so if you have been reading this all along and were interested in one of the pups, now is the time to call the P.E.I. Humane Society at (902)892-1190 to get more information.

Here are some of the funnier or cuter pictures from bathtime. There were also individual shots added to the mini-bios.


(Lucy and Penny; we learned our lesson and only did one at a time after that!)

(Lucy and Penny, the first brave puppies to be bathed)

(Ellie and Sadie, post-bath swaddling)

(JoJo and Max; twenty pounds of wet dog)

(Desmond all cuddled in his towel)

(Desmond and Jude, who did not like being swaddled)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Major update

Hi everyone!

I know it's been awhile but again, it's pretty busy raising octuplets!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have posted individual bios and pics of each puppy, so you can pick your favourite and contact the P.E.I. Humane Society at (902)892-1190.

And please, don't forget, I am AMAZING and am also up for adoption! I am approximately three years old, a yellow lab mix (probably crossed with pointer or spaniel) who is very easy to train. I love food, and so I am very motivated to do tricks and obey commands. I am adorably cuddly and want nothing more than to be with people. I walk beside my foster mom without a leash and play very well with other dogs, cats, and small children (I live with two cats all day, every day, and have been in close contact with an eighteen month old and a three year old numerous times).

More to come....keep checking!


Ellie- unusual but absolutely beautiful


Ellie has probably the strangest colouring of any of the puppies, but her markings make her so cute. She is almost entirely a kind of butterscotch colour, with a little but of black fur underneath her top coat. She is entirely snuggly and always has been; she has a reserved spot in my foster mom's lap.

Update: Ellie did not enjoy her bath!

JoJo - the fuzzy guy


JoJo is a totally laid-back, go-with-the-flow kind of puppy. He doesn't get really riled up unless it's breakfast (or lunch...or supper). He has lots of fuzzy tan fur which makes him look heavier than he really is. He is very interested in things around him, but doesn't tend to tackle things. He's easy-going and just generally sweet.

Update: JoJo, of course, was totally mellow in the tub. He tried to get out at first, but pretty quickly gave up and let himself be scrubbed clean!

Sadie - the teeny tiny one

Sweet little Sadie is the baby, even though she was the firstborn. She has a short, smooth coat that is a light brown with a lot of white markings. Her eyes are the kind of puppy dog eyes that you could easily drown in, and she has been paper trained since the day she was born.

Update: Sadie did NOT appreciate getting her dainty little paws wet.

Desmond - any sweeter and you'd get a toothache


What can you say about Desmond? If a sweet, calm, adoring, loving puppy is what you are looking for, Des is it. He is definitely a family favourite. When they all come stampeding out of their pen to get fed, Desmond waits calmly until his siblings are eating before he saunters out. When someone approaches the pen and the others swarm to them, he waits calmly at the other end. Desmond is the smallest of the male pups, with a pure tan coat and the sweetest little pink spot on his nose.

Update: Desmond was, as usual, an angel.

Lucy Flawless

Lucy has the most interesting colouring of all the puppies. Mostly dark brown with white and tan facial features, she is also one of the smaller pups. Lucy is one of the darlings that never misses the paper when using the bathroom, but even better, she will go as far away from the other puppies as possible when going (believe me, it gets messy if they are too close!). She is one of the least vocal puppies; my foster mom claims that she has never heard a peep from Lucy.

Update: Lucy was first in the tub. We weren't sure if the fur was just gray or if they were that dirty from the newsprint, but it became clear when her paws became a brilliant white again!

Maxwell - the BIG boy


Maxwell has a smooth tan coat with black "ear liner," which is what we call the delicate black outline around his ears. He also has an adorable black spot on his tail. He is the heaviest puppy, at about 12 pounds, but in the last few days has become the cuddliest. He follows my foster mom's fiance around constantly when he's out of the pen, and is definitely interested in my foster mom's slippers!

Update: Max was the best at standing for pictures, but that did NOT mean he was happy about it. We did check his toes and he's got some webbing between them, so maybe he'll be a water dog!

Jude - the man with the rolls

Jude is the fuzziest puppy by far, but no longer the fattest. He is, however, the first to the food bowl and the last to leave. He very rarely misses the newspaper when using the bathroom, and loves to explore. He is an angel when having his toenails clipped, but the best thing about Jude? The way he waddles instead of walks.

Update: Jude definitely took the most hilarious picture.

Penny - but you're too late anyway!


Penny is the reason my foster family thinks Dad might have been a husky. She is a little tiger, always bowling over her brothers and sisters, ready for a fight. At the same time, though, she is very loving and affectionate towards people. Make a kissy noise, and she's the first one in your lap.

That's all I am going to say about her, though, because she is already adopted.

Update: Penny was one of the dirtier ones, but she looks great now!