Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hour Thirty-Six of all the Cuteness!


Hope all you P.E.Islanders are avoiding the storm. I know I am! If my foster mom didn't insist on picking me up and carrying me outside to pee, I wouldn't go at all! Part of that is because it is FREEZING out, but part of it is because I don't want to leave the babies yet.

So, I thought you'd like to see some pictures, and learn the sex/names of the babies.

Here's the whole family:

Here is something to give you an idea of the size of the puppies:

And here is a pic with numbers, so you can identify the pups. It may seem kind of silly to name them this early, but my foster family is pretty keen! Previous litters they have fostered have had literary names, but this time they decided music was the way to go. Since Christmas around here brought a lot of Beatles-related gifts, they decided that names from Beatles songs would be a cute way to go.

1- Maxwell (Maxwell's Silver Hammer)
2- Desmond (Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da)
3- Penny (Penny Lane)
4- Lucy (Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds)
5- Sadie (Sexy Sadie)
6- JoJo (Get Back)
7- Ellie (Eleanor Rigby)
8- Jude (Hey Jude)

I promise, there is video to come, but apparently EVERYONE is on the Internet tonight because it's moving really slowly. Also, I'm, uh, a little busy here what with all the feeding, cleaning, feeding, feeding, eating, and cleaning. And feeding.

Good night! Thanks for checking back! Remember, in about two months Desmond, Maxwell, JoJo, Jude, Penny, Lucy, Ellie, and Sadie will all be up for adoption at the P.E.I. Humane Society. And so will I!

- Holly


Lowa said...

Thanks for the update, Holly! They are absolutely adorable. Much bugger than I thought. No wonder you were so uncomfortable!

Stay warm!

Squirl said...

I love the Beatle's songs theme here. Cute little guys.

Anonymous said...

Dear Holly,
You are one beautiful Momma, your babies are adorable and you couldn't have landed in a better foster home. Thanks to this wonderful Blog, your friends at the Humane Society suspect it won't be difficult at all for you and your litter to find new forever homes. Say hi to the Ling clan for us. See you soon.